Please Wait... is of course the apple of the eye, the center of all services. A service you can't get anywhere; World Innovation Center of a motion picture service.

This center, Selma Medya Project Cinemidi, will be laid out in front of you as a red carpet with the integration of Midicinema. This is the alley where you walk the same strip as world stars. By putting your name at the top of a film's crew list, the gateway to immortality on the path of art to which a dream leads... 

One thing we can promise you; That way you can surprise your loved one with your own marriage proposal via your own film (you can also be in the film yourself while it's being broadcast to world audiences!) Yes it is, an area that's quite open to such crazy ideas.

We encourage you to check out BUY.CINEMIDI.COM so you can make your dreams come true. Let's open this door together and let your starlight pour in from the gap together. Let your shadow reflect with all your wealth in the sparkling atmosphere of the red carpet.
Now we give you the opportunity to take a look, enjoy. Wisdom and wealth always benefit, please let us guide you: